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I am currently a Ph.D. doctoral candidate at MARS Lab in the EECS department at Washington State University Pullman. My work focusses on AI-Driven Design and Optimization for Server-Scale Applications. I love Physics and Pizza. :Artistic@Heart.


My general research interests are in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with a focus on Design and Optimization of :Chiplet-based systems for enabling high-performance computing , overcoming Moore's Law. The overarching goal of my research is to develop principled AI-driven Design Paradigms in such huge-search spaces for efficient chip design geared towards high-impact applications. My Lab :Mission.

I am fortunate to be advised by Partha Pande and Jana Doppa, and work closely with Umit Ogras and Ananth Kalyanraman where I focus on developing accelerators that can see "more" (computer vision) and talk "more" (language modeling) within low-latency constraints. A brief of my work at MARS lab is :Chiplet-based Architecture Design. Previously I have worked on :Democratizing Education at scale and continue to pursue similar goals in my free time. Prior to joining grad school, I worked for four years under the inimitable Dhananjay :Gadre at his Lab and converged multiple projects including one of the most cited course on NPTEL, an American Journal of Physics paper about high-school physics and helped spark tinkering in 1000+ young kids from all over India at multiple :venues.


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